Tires for Every Need

Passenger tires

We feature passenger tire & light trucks tires with high mileage ratings and offer the best bargain for your money. Within this category, there are all-weather and all-season tires. All-weather tires are designed for year round use. All-season tires provide a smooth ride, long wear and adequate traction on dry and wet weather conditions.

Off Road tires

With versatility, all-terrain tires  offer traction for both on- and off-road driving, allowing you to go from highways to back roads at a moment’s notice. All-terrain tires are designed to help offer confident traction in tough conditions such as deep mud or snow, these tires are built with durability and strength in mind. Most all-terrain tires utilize unique technologies make them more resistant to punctures and cuts.

Commercial tires

Usa Tires carries the largest Commercial tire options, from Drive, Steer or Trailer that have specially engineered compounds, paired with matching tread patterns, promote an eco-friendly solution that continues optimal low rolling resistance from new tire to retread. And since our brands casings are the most retreadable casings in the industry, you can confidently extend the life of your new tires to realize a lower total cost of ownership.

Industrial tires

Usa Tires offers Industrial tires with the best stability, traction and security with a unique tread pattern and reinforced sidewalls. These tires are designed for use on material handling and industrial vehicles, let our tire experts bring solutions for your company needs, like fuel efficiency, stability and best wear performance.

ATV tires

Finding the right set of ATV tires seems like a chore, but not when you buy from Usa tires. No matter what brand that you prefer or terrain that you ride we have the right tire for your ATV right here at a discounted price. Whether you ride sand, mud, dirt or snow you’ll find shopping at Usa tires takes the pain out of buying Quad tires. We carry all of the top tire brands.

Tractor & Farm tires

USA Tires has a great selection of agriculture tires for tractors and farm equipment. Whether you are looking for front or rear tires for you tractor, floatation farm tires, or farm implement tires, we have a wide selection that allows you to choose the tire that fits your budget. Farm tires are made to handle heavy loads, resist punctures and wear well in heavy use. We have popular brands as well as quality discount brand tires.